My Week in Progress

A few weeks ago I joined Instagram and have been trying to take more photos of everyday life. Feel free to follow me here.

We’re coming into our busy season at work and there is a lot going on at the moment. I made a couple of coasters for my desk as I always end up with coffee stains or water drips.  I think I will try and make some more colourful ones.  These are just too plain and blend into the desk.


On Thursday, we had a team outing to Gothenburg.  Wow.  The food was amazing. They have lots of tapas style options, so four of us decided to share a few of these. I only managed to take a couple of photos.  I was too busy eating to take any more. Below are the pork belly, scallops and Brussel sprouts and dessert which was a lime coconut pannacotta. We also had dumplings, duck, tuna,  arancini balls and fried chicken.  D E L I C I O U S!  Including a cocktail it cost $57 which I thought was very reasonable.

A few weeks back I bought some Nunnaba wool from a destash group for a CAL that I wanted to join in with, “MAYde for Me” being run by Addydae Designs.  Due to some family issues there was a delay sending the wool but finally, it arrived yesterday and it is gorgeous.  I think I’m in love. It’s so soft and squishy.  I will definitely be buying more of this in the future.

The temperature has dropped quite a bit as we head towards winter in the Southern hemisphere. I made some slippers for myself.  They’re not particularly glamourous but they keep my feet warm.  I will have a go at making another pair later and will use these as a base. There was no pattern for these, I just made it up as I went along.


For now, I’m going to relax and enjoy a lazy Sunday morning. Paula3


About Threadbare and Thrifty

Wife, mum, crochet addict, yarn dye enthusiast and novice gardener.
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