My Kind of Yarn Shopping

Yarn shopping.  One of my favourite past times. So many colours and yarn to choose from. For my every day yarn I usually go to Spotlight.  On Sunday I wanted something different but wasn’t feeling very well, so decided I’d have a look in Spotlight anyway.

Boy, was it my lucky day.  I went in to look for Alpaca wool and found four balls that I liked, at a cost of $52. When I got to the checkout there was a notice saying “spend $100 receive $40 off”.  So off I trundle, with my long suffering husband in tow, to find more yarn to buy.  Why not, when buying another $48 worth of yarn would only cost me an extra $8?


So, more yarn duly picked, back to the checkouts we went.  That’ll be $88 madam.  That couldn’t be right, I spent over $100 so it should be $60.  The assistant then happily told me that most of the yarn I’d picked was on offer.  So off we went again and found more yarn. Back to the checkouts to pay.  $60.42!

To summarise, $120 worth of yarn plus an “I Love Crochet” bag cost me $60.42.  That was my original four balls (bottom left in the photo) plus another nine balls and a bag.  As the title says, “my kind of yarn shopping”!



About Threadbare and Thrifty

Wife, mum, crochet addict, yarn dye enthusiast and novice gardener.
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