Space… the Final Frontier

Inspired by daredevil skydiver Felix Baumgartner‘s world record breaking, successful, sky diving attempt today’s post is all about space inspired crochet.

Over on  MsPremiseConclusion’s blog you can find this amazing crocheted Space Shuttle.  It’s been created so the rocket booster and fuel tanks separate so “you can properly reproduce a launch in the comfort of your living room.”

The Saturn V rocket is pretty neat too.

Over at LucyRavenscar I found these cute crocheted characters from Star Wars together with a whole host of little critters.

“Exterminate, exterminate”. Lucy also makes these Daleks from Dr Who.  The detailing is fantastic.

Finally, over at Yarnington you can find lots of stunning crocheted creatures including this UFO with aliens.


About Threadbare and Thrifty

Wife, mum, crochet addict, yarn dye enthusiast and novice gardener.
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2 Responses to Space… the Final Frontier

  1. Love the daleks! We are Dr. Who fans, and hubby has a set of plans to build himself a wooden dalek big enough to get into … maybe I should just crochet him one!?! =D

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