Rainy Days and Mondays

I know, it’s Tuesday but I was unable to post yesterday as my computer was running a full back up and it took 16 hours!!!  The good news is, it freed up some space on my almost full external hard drive.

It’s the school holidays and Joe wanted to spend some of his birthday money on a new set of headphones.  So, off we went to the shops where said headphones were duly purchased.  As we didn’t have anywhere else to be we decided to have a wander around some of the other stores.  Just as we were about to leave there was a really heavy downpour so I treated us to a coffee and Joe had a biscotti with his.

We spent the next 20 minutes or so chatting about this and that and trying to work out the acronym for remembering the order of the planets in the solar system.  It used to be “My Very Energetic Mum Just Served Us Nine Pizzas” but now that Pluto is no longer officially classed as a planet it goes something like this “My Very Energetic Mum Just Served us Noodles”.  You can of course substitute noodles for nuts, nachos or nectarines or any other food beginning with the letter ‘n’.

It was a very pleasant way to spend the first day of the school holidays.

While we were out I posted another order for two pairs of the gorgeous galoshes.  They are just so cute.

Some of the requests I’m receiving now are for the boots to be in specific team or country colours e.g. red and black for Canterbury, green and gold for Australia, red and white for Wales.  I’m loving the themed designs.  What do you think?


About Threadbare and Thrifty

Wife, mum, crochet addict, yarn dye enthusiast and novice gardener.
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