Bedroom/bathroom renovation

Back in July we decided to update our spare bedroom and en-suite and bring it kicking and  screaming into the 21st Century.  As we didn’t have a lot of spare cash we had to do this as economically as possible.

Before renovation:

We scoured online auction site trademe and won the auction for the vanity unit, paying just $40 for it. We also bought the vinyl flooring from the same site for a very reasonable $125 including delivery.   We visited a local demolition traders and bought the doors for $150.  I love the doors.  I think they are perfect for this room.  The new toilet was purchased from our local DIY store for $200 along with the some of the fixtures and fittings (towel rail/toilet roll holder/tiles/grout).

During renovation:As we were needed some building and plumbing work done we employed a local builder and friend to do this.   He did a fantastic job and cleaned all his mess up every evening before leaving.  The finishing touches and painting were a family affair.

After renovation:

The total cost of the renovation was approx $1900. This included all the paint, rollers, dust sheets, turps, brushes etc. that can be re-used.  We also have about half a tin of paint left which is enough to paint at least one more room.

The room has since been rented out to a lovely young man!


About Threadbare and Thrifty

Wife, mum, crochet addict, yarn dye enthusiast and novice gardener.
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